‘One Dot or a Line on its own would not be more than a simple Dot or a Line, however, when combined many of them together, as in any of my compositions, they form an infinite world of interpretations. The same way, we as individuals on our own are limited to our own talent, but when joining others, we can create greater deeds and inspire more hearts. Together we are infinite

After painting a Dots and Lines mural in a public space in any city (every new mural will be different), Pipe will use the mural as the background for a photograph. He will produce this image involving/mixing several
expressions of art that are iconic/relevant to the city. This photograph will be a kind of welcome ceremony of
the mural to the city. It will be printed in a limited edition basis and the proceeds of the sales, will benefit a local foundation that promotes the arts in the city where he painted the mural.



‘Red Bliss’, 2020
First image of the project
Together we are infinite I, Cali-Colombia


Limited Edition of 8 + 1AP
1500 USD
Size 16 X 22 inches [40.6 X 55.8 cms]
Archival Pigment Ink on Rag Paper



This was the first mural Pipe painted in a public space. It was in Cali Colombia in November 2020. The name of the mural is ‘Street Wall Connection’ and is a 100 ft long x 9 ft tall wall. The photograph was produced together with a famous Colombian actress, Juana Acosta, dressed by one of the most important Colombian designers, Johanna Ortiz. The hair and make up was done by Andrea Jaramillo. The proceeds of this image sales will benefit the ‘Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacifico’, a local foundation dedicated to transform one of the most violent and impoverished communities of the east of Cali, through education, technology and the arts. You can find more on this foundation at www.somospacifico.org.